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Joymonger is a game development studio based in Redding, California. Founded by Mark Webster to provide design and co-development services.

  • Design Support from Concept through Post Release.

  • Proven ability to deliver compelling, polished content.

  • Experience working with custom pipelines.

  • Design coaching and mentorship.

Mark Webster has been designing video games for the past 15 years. In that time, he has contributed to several of the Game Industry’s greatest hits, including the popular Guitar Hero franchise, Activision’s billion-dollar Skylanders franchise and PlayStation’s God of War, which was 2018’s Game of the Year.

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Mark finds great joy in crafting new worlds for people to experience and explore. As a father of young creatives, it is Mark’s desire to find practical solutions to the challenges facing the Game Industry, the games it makes, and the way it treats its developers. When not creating new worlds, Mark loves chasing his two boys around this one with his wife Amy in Redding, California.


Why a Design Mentorship:

For years I have accelerated the development of promising, yet under experienced Game Designers into game design powerhouses for the likes of Sony and Activision.

Designers mentored through this process have gone on to meaningfully contribute to the success of many blockbuster franchises, including Destiny, Star Wars, Call of Duty, Halo, Skylanders, Crash Bandicoot, and God of War.


Now, for the first time, I am making this process available to those outside AAA Studios.


This program allows you to upgrade your studio’s in-house design capabilities without having to commit to the high contract rates of a seasoned Game Designer. Instead of taking on even more overhead lets collectively raise the talent bar of your team: by enrolling them into my proven Mentorship Program.


The best part of this program is that it is designed to work with the tasks your Designers are already doing. So, there is no loss in production time. Rather each Enrolled Designer is individually coached through their current project, resulting in your studio experiencing often immediate improvements in quality.

In fact, as part of the process, I am available to review every design your Enrolled Designers develop. Meaning you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing these designs created for your project have been vetted by a seasoned game design veteran.

Studios Already Benefiting...


How it Works:

  • I partner with your Enrolled Designers as they continue working on their current design tasks for your studio.

  • I review all relevant work completed by your Enrolled Designers, ensuring each design is held to the highest quality, providing expert design feedback and proven strategies.

  • I connect one-on-one with each of your Enrolled Designers to discuss their latest design challenges, individual skill development, and improvement opportunities.

  • I follow up with each Enrolled Designers' direct lead/manager to review progress and identify strategic areas of focus.


AAA Studios have paid over $25,000 a month for me to similarly coach their designers. I believe in this program and I want to see your studio and projects benefit from it. I also want you to believe in it too... and help with customer testimonials.

So, for the next couple studios that sign up, I am offering all these benefits at the highly discounted rate of $3,000 a month per designer (discount requires a two-month commitment).

That is less than $20 an hour for your project to begin benefitting from proven, expert quality results utilizing your existing Designers. 

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